About Us

I’m an active serving municipal police constable in Saskatchewan and a proud Metis Nation of Saskatchewan citizen.  

I moved to Saskatchewan (where I grew up) after spending 8 years with the Vancouver Police Department.  I’m also a professional certified teacher in both British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

My love of woodwork was born out of astronomy.  I began purchasing woodworking tools to build myself a telescope.  I soon realized my real passion was for woodworking, not staying up all night and gazing at stars and planets.

In 2019 I purchased my first CNC machine and soon realized that I had a hidden talent making First Responder products.  My customers have been nothing but supportive.  In fact, some of my products were born due to input from my customers.

I have a wonderful designer from the Ukraine who can turn pictures into beautiful 3D models.

One of my most favourite things is to create something special for my customers that will be cherished.

I’m forever grateful to my brothers and sisters for their support.  I give back to this community when given the chance.