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End of the Grain Woodwork

First Responder Cribbage Board

First Responder Cribbage Board

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These crib boards are made with a walnut base and cherry playing surface. The top swivels to reveal storage for cards and pegs. Every crib board comes with a new set of cards and quality metal pegs.


Each crib board is customized with a crest or badge along with laser engraving to commemorate something.

A lot of people purchase these as gifts for teammates who are leaving a unit or team.

I have many different crests, badges and logos to choose from, they are listed for selection when ordering. Let me know if you would like something not listed. We can always get crests/badges/logos custom made into 3D models for a fee.

Materials: hardwood,walnut,cherry

Looking for something more customized? Email me!

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